Looking to enhance the safety performance and business efficiency of your high reliability organisation? Look no further than Global Air Training's Human Factors training programs.

Originating in the aviation industry, Human Factors training has been developed extensively over the years and is now a mandatory requirement for commercial flight crews worldwide. However, the benefits of this training are not limited to aviation. Other high-risk, high-reliability industries such as energy, healthcare, fire service, rail, maritime, and petrochemical have recognised the benefits of human factors-based error management programs.

Unlike traditional safety training, which focuses primarily on technical knowledge and skills, Human Factors training focuses on developing cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to effectively manage team-based, high-risk activities. By equipping participants with a set of non-technical skills that complement technical competency, including teamwork, situational awareness, decision-making, communication, and workload management, this training enhances the safety skills of employees and provides a foundation for a just culture with safe and reliable systems and processes.

Benefits of Global Air Training's Human Factors training programs include increasing awareness and identification of human risks, adopting a non-punitive approach to error management, developing an organisational 'learning culture,' improving human performance, reducing risks, reducing the frequency and consequences of human error, and increasing individual and organisational efficiency.

The courses are suitable for organisations in a range of high-risk, high-reliability sectors, including aviation, healthcare, energy, rail, and more. Our highly interactive training is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, ensuring that your employees receive the training they need to improve safety and efficiency.

Do not leave your organisation's safety and performance to chance. Contact Global Air Training today to learn more about our Human Factors training courses.