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This Train-the-Trainer course is designed for participants who will be moving into training roles within their organisation.

Effective training courses are full of energy and variety, seamlessly bringing together the style and skill of the trainer with the visual media they choose to enhance and reinforce learning.

It is not enough to be competent in the subject field, training using effective instruction and facilitation is a learned skill; to present learning outcomes that are retained and acted upon requires the person charged with training to be clear, non-patronising, approachable, succinct and engaging.

Train-the-trainer training

This 3-day programme provides the skills required to deliver training programmes that create an effective learning environment and ensure the training objectives are achieved. This programme has been designed for both those that will present training as part of a wider role and those that train on a full time basis. The training develops knowledge and competency to enable the participant to design and deliver effective training that addresses the unique nature of your organisation.

Who will benefit from this course:

  • New and experienced trainers
  • Those that will present training sessions as part of a wider role
  • Those that will present training sessions for adult learners as a primary role

On completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the various different learning styles
  • Recognise how training participants learn best
  • Design and deliver engaging training sessions which are appropriate to needs of the target audience
  • Effectively use a range of training and facilitation techniques

Course Schedule

Train-the-Trainer courses can be scheduled at your facility, or at our training centre as required. Please enquire for further details on booking.