Are you looking for a comprehensive and tailored CRM Operators Conversion Training that meets the EASA and UK CAA requirements? Look no further than Global Air Training. Our experienced facilitators deliver a bespoke, company-specific 2-day CRM course that covers all requirements specified by EASA.

Our course includes case studies to help participants understand and apply the theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. Bespoke training is tailored to your operations, company specific data, routes/aircraft types, and SOPs.

The course can be delivered at our UK training centre, the operators' location, or online via our advanced learning portal.

The recent CRMI course I attended at Global Air Training has proved to be one of the highest quality instructional reviews I have attended. From the pre-learning package to the final presentation & evaluation Global Air Training has shown to be the most effective provider of aviation instructor skills training

CRM Training Manager, major airline.
CRM OCC Typical Programme
  • Human factors in aviation - CRM principle and objectives
  • Threat and error management
  • Human error and reliability
  • Personality awareness, attitudes and behaviours
  • Self-assessment and self-critique
  • Stress and stress management
  • Fatigue and vigilance
  • Assertiveness
  • Situational awareness - individual and shared
  • Information acquisition and processing - individual and shared
  • Automation and philosophy on the use of automation
  • Specific type related differences (if changing aircraft type only)
  • Monitoring and intervention
  • Workload management
  • Leadership, cooperation, synergy, delegation
  • Decision making and actions
  • Resilience development
  • Surprise and startle effect
  • Effective communication and coordination inside and outside the flight crew compartment
  • Effective communication and coordination with other operational personnel and ground services
  • Cultural differences
  • Operators’ safety culture and company culture
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Organisational factors - factors linked to the type of operation
  • Case based studies
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