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Crew Resource Management - Initial Course Online

Initial CRM Training Online

12 hours

Course description

This online initial CRM training package is a comprehensive self-paced training course covering all essential syllabus elements of current commercial CRM training defined by regulatory bodies including ICAO, EASA, FAA, CAA, CASA, TCA.

This online self-paced training may be used as a stand-alone initial CRM training package, or as part of a blended learning programme as appropriate and required by the nature of the aviation operation and applicable regulatory requirements.

The training content is equivalent a 2-day initial CRM training course. The completion time is approximately 12-hours. On successful completion the student will receive certification.

At Global Air Training, we take pride in delivering CRM training services that equip your team with the knowledge and skills to maximise operational safety and efficiency. Get in touch with us today to discuss your bespoke CRM training programme.

  • Classroom based instructor led training courses at our UK training centre
  • Live online sessions through our advanced Learning Managment System
  • Self paced online training
  • In-company training options at your location.

Programme details

Initial CRM self-paced online course

  • Module 1 - Introduction to CRM
  • Module 2 - Threat and Error Management
  • Module 3 - Human Error and Reliability
  • Module 4 - Standard Operating Procedures
  • Module 5 - Fitness and Health
  • Module 6 - Stress
  • Module 7 - Fatigue
  • Module 8 - Information Processing
  • Module 9 - Situational awareness
  • Module 10 - Workload management
  • Module 11 - Decision making
  • Module 12 - Decision making
  • Module 13 - Personality, Attitudes, Behaviour, Leadership and Teamwork
  • Module 14 - Conflict
  • Module 15 - Automation
  • Module 16 - Level Busts
  • Module 17 - CFIT
  • Module 18 - Icing
  • Module 19 - NOTECHS
  • MModule 20 - Runway Incursions
  • Module 21 - Surprise, Startle and Resilience
  • Module 22 - Culture
  • Module 23 - Monitoring and Intervention

Have Any Questions?

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The course content covers the syllabus of ICAO, EASA, FAA and most regulatory bodies worldwide for inital CRM training. For commercial operations, some regulatory bodies require in-person training. Please contact us for further information.

This course is self-paced. Each module is completed with a short quiz. The total time is approximately 12 learning hours.

Global Air Training is the market leading specialist in Crew Resource Management and Human Factors training. This course has been developed by our experienced experts in the field. We are the only ISO9001 accredited CRM training provider.

Self-paced online training is £195 per participant, there is no VAT for participants based outside the UK. Please contact us for a quote for multiple participants or bespoke requirements.

We provide certification of succesful completion of the course syllabus.


Aviation organisations already served

The recent CRMI course I attended at Global Air Training has proved to be one of the highest quality instructional reviews I have attended. From the pre-learning package to the final presentation & evaluation Global Air Training has shown to be the most effective provider of aviation instructor skills training.

Throughout my aviation career, I have had the opportunity to attend numerous CRM training sessions. I firmly believe that Global Air Training offers the most comprehensive and professional CRM training available on the worldwide market today.

The team of professionals at Global Air Training presented a week long course, highly competitive by American standards and certainly better than most. The courseware was well developed and cleanly delivered. The staff were meticulous about logistical details to ensure each student's needs were met.