Clinical environments are complex and require staff to work in high consequence situations. Technical skills alone are not enough to ensure patient safety. That is why our Human Factors training focuses on the cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to manage a team-based, high-risk activity.

Our comprehensive 1-day Foundation Course covers the fundemental elements of Human Factors, including teamwok, situational awareness, decision making, communication, and workload management. We equip participants with non-technical skills that complement their existing technical competencies. By enhancing clinical performance through an understanding of the effects of teamwork, tasks, equipment, workspace, culture, and organisation on human behaviour in clinical settings, our training helps participants achieve a proactive approach to avoiding, trapping, and mitigating errors.

"A potentially wide range of organisational staff can benefit from training on patient safety - from clinical to non-clinical, and junior to senior members."

Evaluation of education and training intervention for patient safety
Imperial College 2016.

We understand that human error is inevitable, and our training recognises that cooperative and collaborative teams are essential for achieving safety and high reliability in complex and hazardous work environments. Our goal is to provide participants with an understanding of the human causes of error, and to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage a team-based, high-risk activity.

Our Human Factors in Healthcare Foundation Course is designed for all healthcare staff to enhance their organisation's overall safety and efficiency. Our training is provided by experienced instructors and is certified to the ISO9001 quality management standard.

Join our Human Factors Training in Healthcare course today and take the first steps towards enhaning clinical safety.

Dr Phil Adam

Dr Phil Adam, GAT HF Trainer, talks about Human Factors in healthcare.

Human Factors in Healthcare Foundation Course - Typical Program
  • Human error
  • Workload management
  • Teamwork and behaviour
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Fatigue Management
  • Situational awareness and vigilance
  • Case studies
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